About Us

One must always defend the weak against the powerless. The role of an honest person is to fight injustice and the more difficult the fight is, the more it is worth fighting.

Solidarity Across Borders has been actively involved in migrant struggles since 2003 in Montreal.

This blog is meant to give voice to those who are denied speech: rise up and speak! It allows people facing problems of status, of regularization, detention, deportation, etc. to be heard. In these situations, the path is often long, perilous and filled with obstacles and hurdles. This blog serves as a basis for sharing their experiences and journeys.

No papers, no life!!!

Welcome to our blog, we hope you will enjoy our universe!

It aims to make our world more comprehensible, to challenge practices, conquer prejudices and strengthen ties. How can I accept and take responsibility for myself?

The audio, video, testimonies and articles will surely inform you.